Silk scarves reinvented for the modern woman.
Silk scarves reinvented for the modern woman. We founded Si because we saw an opportunity to redefine the silk scarf for the modern woman.
    Silk scarves have been a timeless and versatile accessory throughout history. They can be a statement piece for an iconic look, or a wardrobe essential to pull together an outfit. Yet, faced with few choices between unattainable legacy brands and throwaway fast fashion, we understood that they needed to be updated for a modern lifestyle.
    We started Si to do just that: create beautiful, high quality, and affordable silk scarves for decidedly current sensibilities.

Timeless quality.
    We carefully source high quality and ethically produced mulberry silk from Hangzhou, China — the birthplace of sericulture. Working directly with silkmakers, we selected a fabric with the perfect finish, weight, and texture, to create a scarf that delivers luxury and design without the pretense.

Thoughtful curation.
    Designed in New York City, limited runs and obsessively curated collections mean that each Si scarf is both unique and timeless. No trends or flashy designs, just discerning colors and patterns that are as contemporary today as they will be tomorrow.

Effortless versatility.
    Deliberate choices in color, size and material make every scarf a dynamic staple however you wear it. Whether dressed up or down, as the centerpiece of an outfit or as an understated accessory, we want to become the cornerstone of your closet.