We create beautiful, luxurious, and affordable silk scarves for current sensibilities. Our perfect, covetable silk squares never look mumsy, fussy, or too-much. A cornerstone of your closet with endless versatility, just changing a fold or knot a scarf can transform an understated accessory to a statement centerpiece. 

We know you’re creative, but we thought we’d share a few of our favorite ways to tie a square scarf. Take note: Nothing elevates an ensemble like an expertly tied scarf.


To style your foulard with a perfect je nais sais quoi twist, fold a large scarf in half diagonally. Place the triangle in front of your neck. Bring the ends forward and finish in a loose knot.

For an effortless yet elevated look, fold a large scarf in half diagonally. Bring the ends forward around your neck and finish in a loose knot.


For an elevated pony, start with your hair in a low ponytail. Loosely knot a small or medium scarf to cover your hair tie.

Fix your bedhead in a pinch with a modern bandanna wrap. Fold a large scarf diagonally in half, and tie it over your hair tucking the center corner inside.


Elevate your favorite bag — twist your scarf around a bag handle, then tie excess ends into a bow or knot.

More adventurous? Swap out your bracelets and try wrapping your scarf around your wrist!

Silk scarves reinvented.
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